Gavin Jerome humorous speaker, will make your event special.

Whether you are looking for a high energy keynote, a fun filled workshop or to add humor to any event, Gavin Jerome always delivers. With over thirty years of experience in the entertainment industry, you will be making the right call!

Having the ability to add laughs to your life is the most important business skill you can possess. I help companies, individuals and associations reduce stress, enjoy their jobs more and want to strangle co-workers less. If your stress meter is rising and your fun meter is falling, the solution is simple.

The Morale Mechanic can facilitate fun and help manage your morale so you can be happier, healthier and more productive than you have ever been!

Gavin’s high energy humorous keynotes, workshops and coaching focus on providing the audience with tools, tips and techniques designed to educate, invigorate and leave them laughing! Gavin Jerome helps jump start professionals lives by arming attendees with the most powerful business success tool you can posses….Humor!

Not only is Gavin Jerome a premiere keynote speaker and motivational humorist, he is also a sought after INSTRUCTOR

For nearly two decades, Gavin Jerome has taught others how to use humor in their personal and professional lives. Gavin’s Comedy College is a two credit class at Iowa State University. For more info, visit our resource and media page!

My standard humor in the workplace keynote address. Learn a professional sense of humor, how to improve your sense of humor and how to use humor to gain perspective. It also features tips and tricks to enjoy your job more and want to strangle your co-workers less.  ‌READ MORE

Stress and stress related issues can cost a company money. This program is all about how to better manage workplace stress. It features reframing techniques and shares the most important tool in your stress busting toolbox.  ‌READ MORE

This program is all about workplace communication and why we are so bad at it. The main objective is to provide communication tools and teach how to use humor to communicate more effectively. Listening tools and tips are also featured.  ‌READ MORE

Who is healing the healers? This program celebrates the healing power of humor and aims to help those in health care heal others as well as themselves. Laughter truly is the best medicine and tricks and tips are provided for quick implementation.  ‌READ MORE

Good customer service is hard to come by and the main objective is to help companies and organizations provide better internal and external customer service with the main focus being on INTERNAL customer service.   ‌READ MORE

What I Do

Gavin Jerome’s keynotes and workshops are fun, funny, yet FILLED will valuable workplace content designed to help attendees reduce stress, enjoy their jobs more and want to strangle their co-workers less. You have to laugh a little, to live a lot!

Fun and Funny

Gavin Jerome brings the funny and brings the house down!

Audience Interaction

Gavin Jerome engages attendees with interaction and exercises!

Content Rich

Concepts and tools to be happier, healthier and more productive!

Killer Keynotes

Start or finish your conference with a bang and not a whimper. Hilarious humor in the workplace keynote will both entertain and educate.

Half Day Workshops

Sometimes you need to delve deeper into the many facets of humor. A three hour half day workshop allows participants to roll up their sleeves and do stuff!

Support Resources

To add to the value of Gavin’s programs, his handouts and support material solidify the learning and aid in retention. Takeaways include charts and fun props to keep.

Gavin Jerome brings his energetic and entertaining keynote to Rally in the Valley in Cedar Falls, Iowa.The Hilton Garden Inn will be ROCKING!

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