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Humorous keynotes and workshops.

What I Do

Gavin Jerome has been a professional entertainer for over 20 years. He has worked with the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Paul Reiser, Steve Harvey and Pat Paulson.

For a decade, Gavin has been providing humorous keynote addresses, humor in the workplace workshops and half day programs for companies and associations worldwide.

His client list is a veritable Who’s Who of Fortune 500 companies and International associations. It includes but is not limited to; 3M, IBM, Sears, Pepsi, Target, The Principal Financial Group, The Mayo Clinic and the United States Probation Office.

For five seasons Gavin was seen on the Speed Channel in the hit television show “PINKS” as the track announcer. This show traveled from coast to coast taping live in front of upward of 35 thousand screaming fans.

Gavin is a published author and his “Comedy College Handbook” is now in it’s 8th printing. He has many other titles available in the Amazon Kindle marketplace.

He has never had a day job, and he has never sold Amway…

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Why Hire Gavin?

Gavin Jerome’s keynotes and workshops are fun, funny, yet FILLED will valuable workplace content designed to help attendees reduce stress, enjoy their jobs more and want to strangle their co-workers less.

You have to laugh a little, to live a lot!

Special Price Break possible!

What Sets Gavin Apart

  • Killer Content
  • High Energy Style
  • Low Maintenance
  • Compulsively Early
  • Hilariously Funny
  • Engaging Authenticity


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